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Royal Canin®recognises the need
to address the specific nutritional
requirements for gestation
through to birth and lactation, and
for weaning and growing kittens.
Our Birth and Growth diets are
formulated to bridge these critical
nutritional gaps by providing the
most comprehensive and precise
nutritional solutions for these vital



Catmate is Australia’s leading eco-friendly wood pellet kitty litter, providing the ideal solution for pet owners who are seeking quality litter that is easy to use and super absorbent. Our product comes from sustainably sourced plantation pine and contains natural oils that inhibit the growth of the bacteria that causes the ammonia smell.


is a Major sponsor of the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club


Feline Association of South Australia

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Thinking of selling your home?

Smallacombe Sanderson
a full service real estate agency
proudly helping our clients, buy, sell, rent and lease property since 1981.
A  long established family business and a trusted South Australian brand. With over three decades' experience, our professionals put your needs first. Our ethos embodies positive, long-term relationships - we want to help you now and in the future. We'd welcome the opportunity to work for you - don't hesitate to call.

 Major sponsor of the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club

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Artic Air
Artic Air has been providing air conditioning design, installation, repair, service and maintenance to Adelaide and surrounding suburbs for over a decade. 

Artic Air are a Major sponsor of the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club 

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Shaloma Bengals 

Hi my name is Shazz and I am a bengal cat lover and breeder. Agent for nutri drops, miracle nipples & vita - cat for your growing fur baby. Microchip scanners & readers, litter trays and carry cages . Look for our New and Improved cat wheel coming soon, then Click on my Link.

Shaloma Bengals is a Major sponsor of the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club 

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Founded by Brian & Roslyn Rich.  Brian was an industrial biochemist and worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a production and product development manager. Roslyn was a hospital scientist, specialising in microbiology and haematology.  In 1976 they established a research laboratory to investigate the nutritional and energetic requirements of native birds, in particular honeyeaters and lorikeets.  In 1982 the laboratory was relocated from Sydney to Adelaide and with the involvement of local veterinarians and Adelaide institutions, research was extended into the nutritional requirements of juvenile marsupials. This ground-breaking work led to the foundation of Wombaroo Food Products in 1984. Brian continued his work as an honorary researcher at the Adelaide Zoo Animal Health Centre


All About Home


Designer & built cat poles & gyms

Design & build customised cat poles, cat gyms & dog ramps/steps

order what you see or create an original

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The most extensive range of DNA tests

Orivet Genetic Pet Care is a leading genetic testing organisation offering an extensive range of personalised genetic services to Breeders, Veterinarians and Pet Owners worldwide.

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