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Oz-Pet ODOURfree Litter is an Australian wood pellet litter that naturally neutralises odour, is bio-degradable and exceptionally safe for kittens, cats, birds, rodents, reptiles and other small animals.

Oz-Pet are a Major sponsor of the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club

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Cat Pads

Has been specialising in building quality custom made enclosures across Adelaide over the past 4 years.

Cat Pads are a Major sponsor of the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club 

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Artic Air

Artic Air has been providing air conditioning design, installation, repair, service and maintenance to Adelaide and surrounding suburbs for over a decade. 

Artic Air are a Major sponsor of the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club 

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Shaloma Bengals 

Hi my name is Shazz and I am a bengal cat lover and breeder. Agent for nutri drops, miracle nipples & vita - cat for your growing fur baby. Microchip scanners & readers, litter trays and carry cages . Look for our New and Improved cat wheel coming soon, then Click on my Link.

Shaloma Bengals is a Major sponsor of the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club 

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Tangerine Meg 
I believe that each nourished soul brings a little sanity back into the world. My work is about making that happen with colourful, joyous art.

Tangerine Meg is a Major sponsor of the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club 
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Melissa Neumann and Rita Bruche are Purrparazzi.  Purrparazzi is the collaboration of photographic expertise of two of South Australia’s Best Cat Photographers

Purrparazzi is a Major sponsor of the Foreign Shorthair Cat Club 

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Animal Travel


Whether your VIP’s (Very Important Pets) are travelling locally, interstate or overseas, the Animal Travel Team are there to provide you with all your needs in relocation of your families treasured pets. As all animals are different, Animal Travel provides a complete personal service to each and every VIP and their owner.

Animal Travel is a family owned and operated business and has been providing the required services to clients and customers for over 25 years.  We are dedicated to the relocation of your VIP providing a one to one service, making your relocation an enjoyable experience for both you and your pets.

You can rest assured that our entire team will assist in making your pets security and comfort their highest priority.